Applications of CNC Machine In The Automotive Industry

Applications of CNC Machine in the Automotive industry

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ACMEE 2021

AceMicromatic Group is making an appearance at ACMEE 2021, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We will be showcasing some of our latest equipment and machines. So, come meet us and be the first to know about our newest offerings. We’ll be at Hall A, Stall No. A100. Looking forward to meeting you!

    15th ENGIMACH 2021

    AceMicromatic Group is making an appearance at ENGIMACH 2021, Gandhinagar, Gujrat. We will be showcasing some of our latest equipment and machines. So, come meet us and be the first to know about our newest offerings. We’ll be at Hall No. 2, Stall No. 31A. Looking forward to meeting you! 

      Understanding Process Capability to Make for Reliable Decisions for your Business

      Process capability index (Cpk) is a statistical tool, to measure the ability of a process to produce output within customer's specification limits. In simple words, it measures producer's capability to produce a product within customer's tolerance range.

      When a large amount of data is to be evaluated, one takes the help of statistics. It is known that when the variation in the data is due to common causes only, the frequency distribution is a bell curve and from that various attributes are arrived at for evaluation.

      Retooling Ourselves for the Work from Home Era

      An interesting tool that has used by successful businesses that continue to do well in their digitized avatar is customer journey mapping. A customer journey map is the realistic story of your customer’s experience across the various touchpoints as he interacts with you while he learns about you and your offerings, compares you with his alternate choices, buys from you and uses your products and services. The outcomes from the journey map must

      Comparison of Box Guideways vs Linear Motion Guideways for Machine Tool Applications

      The four main issues associated with the selection of either box guideways or linear motion guideways are speed, rigidity, load carrying capacity and tool life.

      CNC machines which are built with Box guideways are rigid, a bit slower and capable of taking heavy cuts on large parts. On the other hand, machines built with linear motion guideways are faster but more suitable for lighter-duty applications.  The rule of thumb for the selection between the two is to study the intended application. The decision should be made after answering the following questions.

      Unmatched Services - The Advantage of Comprehensive Post-Sale Services

      Finding complete, comprehensive post-sale service is a much-needed relief for shop owners as there is a lot that needs to be done to maintain levels of productivity up to par. Life cycle services to meet your productivity, quality & delivery at a competitive cost- through automation, upgrades, maintaining accuracies, safety & environmental compliances requirements.

      Upgrading ROI through CNC Machine Upgrades

      High prices for new large and medium size CNC machines make it difficult for end user to reap the benefits of CNC technology. One of the solutions can be through upgrades. The method involves addition of new systems or features to enhance the capability of an existing machine tool. The purpose of upgrades and retrofitment are to bring older or existing models up to ideal production goals.

      Why You Need Automation on your Shop Floor

      Automation is the inevitable future of manufacturing. While some misconceptions about the technology are stopping the faster adaptation of it, the benefits provide a unanimous verdict on how much it elevates the business of metal cutting. From everyday commodities to machine tools, buying locally/domestically made products are a great decision.

      Will buying Indian made Products make a Difference?

      With the growing animosity towards foreign-made products, especially Chinese, over the Pandemic, the “Buy Locally” movement has taken steam. There is a lingering feeling within people that the future is uncertain: keeping their country’s economy going by buying domestically made products from local manufacturers seems to be the popular opinion. But does buying locally support the economy?

      Is your Machine Tool within Tolerance? Be sure with Laser Calibration

      How do you document that your CNC machine tool is within tolerance? Ball bar or laser calibration services, the bottom line is your machine tool needs to be regularly screened and corrected to expect dependable performance from your machine tools. Machine tools need to maintain a standard of precision and accuracy for consistent production. With time and wear, machine tools are bound to develop discrepancies inaccuracy. According to a study by the National Centre of manufacturing sciences, the machine tool itself accounts for 40% of all part quality problems. Correcting these will cut down accuracy and part quality problem significantly.

      Let us Spare you the Trouble-Spares Support from MMT

      In a fast-paced industry like ours, it is where every minute of downtime is a loss of productivity, it becomes very important to have timely delivery of spares and we cannot stress enough about the importance of ensuring the spares procured are Genuine. With our widespread network across the county and a team of dedicated personnel, we ensure your spares are handled and delivered swiftly and reliably while ensuring only genuine spares are sourced.

      Post Lockdown Trends in Manufacturing

      The government recently announced its intention to spend almost 10 per cent of India's gross domestic product (GDP) in the fiscal year 2020 on economic relief measures.While a lot has been experienced and said about the COVID-19 situation on businesses, what are the real implications facing the economy post-lock-down in India?

      A Whole New Level in Machine Tools Servicing

      AceMicromatic Group is a comprehensive machine tools solution provider offering a range of turning centres, milling machines, grinding machines along with 150+ other solutions in the metal forming world. When Micromatic Machine tools (MMT) was started in 1987, the aim was to centralise the marketing and service needs of the group, but with growing sales was a need for a systematic approach to post-sales services.

      Top 7 Misconceptions about Automation

      Automation is the most talked-about term of the decade in manufacturing. While it might seem like this means it has been adopted in most manufacturing facilities, that is not the case. There is still some hesitation and misconception around its adaptation. Here are some of the most common reasons for why manufacturers dismiss automation.

      Twin spindle - One Machine that can do Twice the Job

      In a manufacturing facility that has fixed floor space, staff size and running on multiple shifts increasing production is a puzzle that cannot be solved by adding multiple machines. A twin-spindle machine would be the right solution? Maintaining high productivity is the key to successfully utilizing your facility. Especially in setup’s where churning out high volumes investing in a twin-spindle machine can be a game-changer for your shop floor.

      How Is 3D Printing Winning Big in the Healthcare Industry in the Current Situation

      3D printing has become a buzzword in recent times, but it is a decade old technology that has been rapidly evolving. 3D printing presents many new possibilities to the world of manufacturing. In the medical world, application for additive manufacturing has seen the highest demand. From implants to prosthetics and making personalized or even patented intricate designs, additive manufacturing has the solution.

      7 Major Impacts Industry 4.0 has on the Manufacturing Industry

      Industrial revolutions in the past have brought massive changes in manufacturing. After three major industrial revolutions, the fourth one has arrived and has the potential to intensify the manufacturing process even further with the help of technology and the internet. Industry 4.0 leverages concepts like IoT, AI, and machine learning to expand and enhance the manufacturing field.

      Do not Overlook Reconditioning. It can save you a lot of Money!

      Wear and tear due to age, accidents, and breakdowns of machine tools are common occurrences at a manufacturing unit like a shop floor. This increases maintenance cost and affects production causing a huge dent in finances. Keeping the current production volumes in mind, buying a new machine is a serious investment that requires a lot of recovery time. With an industry where capital investment is huge, it seems like there are very few options to choose from as a solution.

      10 Reasons to Consider Indian Machine Tools Over Imports

      When India began to manufacture in the 1950s finding machines capable of doing such tough metal cutting was only possible through foreign machine tools. Slowly around the 1970s Indian manufacturers began to make machine tools that were suitable for the Indian manufacturing requirements.

      8 Things You Should Look for While Selecting Your CNC Manufacturer?

      Choosing the right CNC machine tool manufacturer for your production needs is one of the most important decisions of your business. There are many options to choose from but how do you make the right decision from the ones that are suggested? How do you find manufacturers who offer quality, performance, reliability, lower price? Do you go with the expensive manufacturers, and reputed ones? To get a better idea of how to choose the right manufacturer for your shop floor, think about the below points for better clarity:

      6 Reasons why an AMC is the Best Thing for your Shop Floor

      Today, any business is dependent on technology for a consistent flow in its operation. A small disruption could have a domino effect on the whole system. In the metal cutting industry, CNC machines are typically required to perform nonstop from the time they are commissioned.

      The Biggest Problem With Remote Work in Manufacturing Industry, And How You Can Fix It

      Manufacturers had the worst hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. With factories shut and virtually no production, manufacturing companies had no choice but to work out a solution through remote working also known as the work-from-home model. But with more than 60% of their workforce belonging to physical work, challenges were aplenty for manufacturers.

      How is digital transformation changing the manufacturing industry in uncertain times?

      The pandemic COVID-19 has disrupted the world. What is unique is that it has happened at the same time across all lives and livelihoods.

      The IT sector has already been advocating a digitization strategy across all businesses which has helped them continue with their processes despite restrictions. Whereas, with manufacturing companies, the challenges are bigger and require faster adoption strategies.

      The biggest manufacturing trends created by COVID 19

      The impact of the Novel Coronavirus is so significant that globally, some major shifts and trends seem to have emerged. Here is a list of changes for better or for worse. The effects of the virus have created panic within people causing changes in their commuting behaviors. A global survey done by with over 3,000 men and women between the ages of 23 and 73 years of age in March suggests that over 40% of them have stopped using ride-sharing modes like Uber and Lyft.


      Ace Designers, started in 1979, is the largest manufacturer of CNC lathes in India. In addition to producing a comprehensive range of CNC lathes they have also built capabilities in the field of application engineering and tooling solutions.


      Established as Micromatic Grinding Technologies Private Limited (MGT) in 1973, the company has the largest market share in India with 4500+ machines delivered worldwide with many repeat Global customers.


      Ace Manufacturing Systems (AMS) started in 1994, the largest manufacturers of Machining Centers in India, offers one of the widest ranges (over 100 variants) of machining centers, both vertical and horizontal and cover the entire gamut of milling applications.


      Ace Micromatic Intelligence Technologies (AmiT) established in 2002, is the group's productivity solutions IT company, is always at the forefront of bringing the power of automated IT solutions and IoT to manufacturing.


      Micromatic Machine Tools (MMT) was created in 1987 as a one stop super shop for total customer support for AceMicromatic Group. This includes application engineering, commissioning and training, tech centers, continuous monitoring of product performances, annual maintenance contracts (AMC).


      Ace Designer’s state of the art foundry was established in August 2013 with a vision to produce high quality cost effective castings while ensuring a sustainable environment.



      Comprising of eight principal companies, bringing more than five decades of rich and pioneering engineering experience supported by its leaders, Ace Micromatic Group has steadily remained as one of the most successful businesses in the world. Affordable pricing, competitive range of machine with a variety of applications, best-in-class service and an installed base of more than 55,000 machines across the world makes Ace Micromatic one of the largest and most comprehensive machine tools group.



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      Vision of the AceMicromatic Group

      Vision Statement for AceMicromatic Group was developed by the senior management team of the group companies, in Sep 2019. The vision reads as

      “AceMicromatic Group will be in the Top 25 Global Machine Tool Enterprises, by engaging with customers, to co-create success and assure sustainability by 2025.

      We will drive this vision by:

      •  Inspired, competent and empowered people.
      •  Leadership in innovative technologies.
      •  Leveraging excellent manufacturing Eco-system”.

      AceMicromatic Group has adopted this vision as the guiding principle for all major initiatives and decision making.